How many of the 16 items on our #bumblebingo can you spot on your Bumble Campers adventure? We’ve selected some things for you to spot, like a tractor, a level crossing, and a thatched cottage. It’s a great game for any trip!
Play along just for fun, or play our extreme version for a chance to win £100!*

#bumblebingo rules
1. Prize of £100 is in the form of a voucher for Bumble Campers, no cash alternative is available. 2. Entrant must be travelling in a Bumble Campers camper, on a rental vehicle provided by the company for that trip. 3. To qualify, all 16 items must be spotted on the duration of that rental 4. Only rentals of less than 15 days qualify for Bumble Bingo entry 5. The company’s decision on whether item spots count or not is final 6. Item spots must be accompanied by photographic evidence of your campervan in shot of the spots 7. Your photo’s must be uploaded to at least one social media platform (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) including the hashtag #bumblebingo and #bumbleabout in your post 8. Where possible you should also tag Bumble Campers in those uploads 9. You must not break the terms and conditions of your rental agreement in order to obtain the spots, nor are we responsible for your illegal or reckless activity 10. Upon completion of your 16 spots and uploads, you should inform the team ASAP and they will verify your entries. 11. Have fun, but take care! Thanks