Road Trip Playlist – Spotify Playlists

Need a road trip playlist? Got Spotify? Check out some of our favourite on the road tunes for your Bumble Campers adventure.

Whatever your choice of music, we have a playlist for you (or if not – why don’t you make one for us?). A road trip is so much better when accompanied by friends/family and some of your favourite tunes.

All of our campervans are fitted with Apple CarPlay so it’s easy to plug in your phone and listen en-route.

You can download and listen to Spotify for free, or we recommend you upgrade to Premium for the best experience.

What is your ultimate road trip song? Let’s add it to our Road Trip Playlist!


Friday Feeling – Feel good songs for your road trip

Chill Vibes – For those slow relaxing drives

Happy Throwback Songs – Sing along to those old throwbacks

Beach Holiday – A collection of song, perfect for those summer beach adventures

Family Road Trip – Songs for all the family