Road Trip Inspiration

Explore the UK and Europe in a Bumble Camper – where will your bumbleabout about take you?

Need some road trip inspiration for a bumbleabout in a Bumble Camper?

We’ve listed below some of our favourite road trip inspiration ideas and destinations to help you with your travel planning. Exploring the UK and Europe by campervan can be a fantastic adventure, allowing you the freedom to go wherever you please and immerse yourself in the beauty of diverse landscapes, cultures, and history.

Unlimited milage for your road trip

Unlike most campervan rental companies, Bumble Campers offers unlimited milage when you rent a campervan. We want you to have fun exploring so you can take your Bumble Camper anywhere in the UK, or even head over to Europe. We believe our campervans have travelled to over 27 countries.

Whether it’s a camping weekend away or a longer holiday living the van life, the UK has so much to offer.

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Explore Europe

Bumble Campers offer unlimited milage when you hire one of our campervans. How many countries can you tick off your European bucket list?

Let’s make 2024 the year for exploring. The UK has some amazing driving routes to discover including the NC500 and The Lakes 100.

Say no to cold wet tents and festival in style with a Bumble Camper.