Add ons

We’ve got plenty of add ons should you wish to include optional extras with your rental. We know everyone has different hobbies, needs and wants so feel free to customise and make your trip your own.

Our fun Bumble Bus Campers already come with everything you need for basic camping trips such as a cooker, gas and utensils, but you can lighten your packing with our add ons

Add on options

Add ons - Bumble Campers 240v Electric Hook Up

240v Electric Hook Up
From £10 per rental

Our Electric Hook Up cable allows you to use campsite electrics to power your devices. This lead has an RCD trip out, three UK 240v plug sockets and 2 USB sockets

Add ons - Bumble Campers European Pack

European Pack
From £99 per rental

Heading over to Europe in your camper? This pack contains everything legally required for Europe (triangle etc), Documents and European Breakdown Cover

Add ons - Bumble Campers Bedding

From £25 per rental

1 double quilt and cover, 2 pillows, 2 pillowcases and a fitted bottom sheet. No need to bring your own, or wash ours – we’ll take care of it

Add ons - Bumble Campers Outdoor Pack including Canopy Awning and 2 chairs

Outdoor Pack
From £45 per rental

Extend your campervan living area by adding a Canopy Awning and 2 Camping Chairs

Add on - Bumble Campers Extra Gas

4 x Extra Gas Cannisters
From £15 per rental

We already include 2 cans for free but, for you master-chefs, and those of you booking longer trips, you may want extra gas to help you cook up those camping feasts (and to make sure you don’t miss out on that morning coffee!)

Add on Bumble Campers Roof Box

360L Roof Box
From £45 per rental

Do you need more space? Add this 360 litre roof box to your rental! Only available to add on Bumble Bus 2 Sleeper. Not applicable to 4 Sleeper or Bumble Luxe. *Roof rack must also be rented with this add on

Additional Driver
From £3 per day

Share the driving on your road trip.

Bring your Pet
From £45 per rental

Your extended family is always welcome!


From £10 per rental

Pre-book a parking space to leave your car while you #bumbleabout

Cars parked at own risk

Electric Pack
From £25 per rental

Charge your phone and devices with our off grid power pack, multiple USB points and UK plug for low powered devices

Table and Chairs
From £25 per rental

Enjoy sitting outside your camper with 2 camping chairs and a foldable table