For 2024 we are using the TENTBOX Lite 2.0 on all of our Bumble Bus 4 Sleeper Campervans

  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Set up time: 5 minutes
  • Dimensions (open): Width: 133 cm / Length: 220 cm / Height: 105 cm
  • Wind rating: Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)

How to put up a TENTBOX

Watch this short video below to see how quick and easy it is to put up

  • Remove outer straps
  • Unzip the cover
  • Lift outer cover from base
  • Undo velcro straps
  • Extend telescopic ladder
  • Push down on ladder to open tent
  • Adjust length of ladder to be level with Bumble Camper
  • Remove tent poles from pouch
  • Fit poles, one end into base and the other into the cover
  • Roll up outer cover

To put it away again, follow the same process in reverse. Please make sure you tuck in all the material as you go.

Falling in love with the idea? Did you know Bumble Campers is a dealer for TENTBOX. Ask us more details

For more information about the 2.0, and all other versions of rooftent, plus more images and videos – visit https://www.tentbox.com

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