Bumble Luxe Pop-top

The pop-top roof creates a spacious internal standing area, and additional storage too! 

Bumble Luxe pop-top closed


Bumble Luxe pop-top open


  • The pop-top is secured by two straps. To open, simply undo the straps and push the roof up!
  • Inside the pop top you have movable boards to give you flexibility between standing space and storage
  • At the back there is a little switch to turn on the light
  • You can unzip the windows for extra light (an amazing views!).  The windows have fixed flynets. 
  • To close the pop-top, simply pull down on the handles (making sure the yellow fabric tucks in) and put the straps back on.

Handle and strap

Button for light


You must NEVER drive with the pop-top open

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