Our stick on black-out curtains give privacy and block out the light for a great sleep

Your Bumble Bus or Luxe comes with a full set of curtains. We’ve trialled several different designs and found these to be the best option for ease and for living space.

It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle finding the right curtain for the right window – once you’ve done it once, you’ll see how easy it is! We recommend you to put them up for the first time while it is still light. 

Each curtain has several suckers which just stick to the window. The suckers are glued on but there will be spares in the glove box if you lose any along the way. 

Bumble Bus curtains 

The front windscreen has 2 sections fo easier access putting up.

Bumble Bus curtains
Bumble Bus curtains

Bumble Luxe curtains

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