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24/7 Breakdown Cover

Our breakdown cover is provided by a third party – for assistance, you should call 01603 216 366 in the UK, and 0044 1206 714706 if in Europe.

Vehicle Damage/Accident

You must inform us immediately of any damages caused to our vehicle, or accessories. You must also make us aware of any accidents, even if it appears there is no damage to either parties vehicle.

In the event of an accident, you should;

1/ take photos of the damage to all parties, including our vehicle as a record
2/ collect details of all parties involved, times, and a brief description – you should also attempt to collect witness details
3/ contact the relevant authorities if relevant
4/ contact the office on 0330 122 2062 as soon as is practicable after the incident


What’s included in the breakdown kit?  

A full contents list and where to find your breakdown kit


We’ve added various topics below to try help troubleshoot, and solve any issues you may have whilst on your adventure.

If your question isn’t covered here, we’re also on hand to help via WhatsApp


Filling up with (Unleaded) Petrol

Bumble Luxe Petrol

All of our Bumble Campers use Unleaded Petrol

What is the flashing red light on the dash that looks like a car with a key inside?

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This light is just to show that the vehicle is just a security light, and is perfectly normal – if it is bothersome at night, you could cover it with a book (maybe the campsite guide book that is in the glovebox)

Camper Internal

What’s included in the kitchen box?

Kitchen Box - Bumble Campers

We include everything you need to cook up a campervan feast, or just to make a brew.

How do we set up our Bumble Bus bed?

Transform the back of your Bumble Bus from travelling seats to a comfy double bed.  Place the table in the middle, resting on the lips on either side.  Place the two slats either side of the table.  It should be a snug fit. Unclip the futon and roll out over the table and the back seats. 

If you move both front seats forward you’ll see an extra part of the bed can now fold down. 

How to put up the curtains

Bumble Bus Curtains

Every Bumble camper comes with a full set of stick-on black-out curtains.

How to raise/lower the pop-top on a Bumble Luxe

Bumble Luxe Handle

The pop-top is a great addition to the Luxe, allowing you to stand up inside the camper with a simple push up.

Is there a light in the Luxe pop-top?

Bumble Luxe Light Switch

Yes!  At the back (on the drivers side) is a little black button.  This turns on the two spotlights in the pop-top


How to put up the Rooftent

Tentbox on a 4 Sleeper Bumble Bus - Bumble Campers

The TENTBOX Lite roof tent is super easy to put up and pack away.

How to put up the Canopy Awning

Canopy Awning on a Bumble Camper

The Canopy Awning is perfect for providing a little extra space, shade and shelter. Easy to put up and fold away.