Brand Rep Guidelines


You have been invited to be a Bumble Brand Rep for 2023, our season begins on 1st March and runs through to the 31st October 2023. It is not a formal agreement, however we’ve found it is easier from the beginning to jot down a few notes on what we can offer and what we’d expect in return

What we offer you; 

  • Up to TEN free rentals nights
  • 30% off further rental bookings 
  • 20% off merchandise
  • Exclusive brand rep offers and deals 

What we ask for in return;

  • To have fun on one (or more) adventures in a Bumble Camper where you take photos/ videos / make content that can be shared on both yours and our social media on, or shortly after your trip
  • That after any trip, you also send any additional photos or video content (can be raw or edited) that we can add to our image bank and use throughout the year. Content must be sent to us via Google Drive or Drop Box within 2 weeks of return
  • To help us spread the word of Bumble Campers by liking, sharing and supporting our social media. You should follow us on any media that you currently use


How to Book

You can book your bumbleabout directly on our website using your unique Brand Rep discount code which entitles you to 100% off your rental day rate. You must meet our rental insurance criteria and agree to our standard terms and conditions.

We ask from you that you may be flexible in van type you travel in – We’ll usually ask you to book a 2-sleeper as default (unless you are a family brand rep of course) and then upgrade you closer to the time based on availability and photo content required at the time.

Please respect that we need to keep Bank Holiday rentals for paying customers, therefore please do not ask for a free rental including May or August Bank Holidays.

As our brand rep, we are also happy to include free of charge;

  • ‘Risky’ insurance 
  • Additional Driver
  • Car Parking
  • Electric hook up 
  • Electric pack 
  • Outdoor pack

Additional extras that we will need to charge for (because they cost us)

  • ‘Half & Half’ or ‘No Worries’ insurance
  • European pack – We ask that you take your free nights in the UK 
  • Bedding
  • Pet charge (unless agreed in advance as a pet friendly representative)
  • Extra gas cans



We already have connections on Instagram messenger, this is the easiest way to communicate with us

We’ll also set up a group Whatapp for our 2023 brand reps and collaborators – Hopefully from time to time we can drop last minute availability messages here and you can pick up extra free days away.


We do not ask for exclusivity as a brand rep as we know you’ll often want other tie ups throughout the year, but we do ask that you do not work/endorse any companies that are in conflict or direct competition to Bumble Campers.